The Suburban To Rural Settings

Engine Company Operations: The Suburban To Rural Settings

This class will focus on the everyday challenges a department will have in the suburban and rural settings. Many fire departments must cross man or jump from apparatus to apparatus, respond with limited staffing, limited resources, and rely on mutual aid that is responding from other communities and must achieve the primary benchmarks. The first company on the scene completing a 360/establish command, fire attack, search, establish a water supply or even ladder deployment within the first few minutes of the fire. This hands-on class will focus on the skill sets needed to be proficient with the limited staffing and resources we are responding with today. Lunch is provided.

*Full PPE and SCBA will be required*

Date: October 10,2020

Time: 8 am – 4 pm

Meet at: Cridersville Fire Department: 100 E Main St, Cridersville Ohio 45807

The training will be held at an acquired house and will be incorporated into our training evolutions.