Water Mitigation Process

A water loss is extremely stressful. We try to take as much stress off our customers as possible. During the water loss, we will work…

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how do pipes freeze and burst water pipe and valve

How do pipes freeze and burst?

With the presence of winter weather, the threat of freezing pipes is on many homeowners’ minds. Pipes burst mainly for one reason: water expands when…

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Water Heater

Water Heater: Inspections and When to Replace

Unfortunately, the first time you are aware of a problem with your water heater, it is when you have a giant puddle in your basement…

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Water Loss

Here are some the steps we take at a normal water loss.

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Water Restoration

When you have a flood, pipe break, an unexpected roof leak, or a sewer/sump pump backup, water damage can be your worst enemy. With hundreds…

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Your Water Restoration Specialists!

Water damage is frustrating and is something that must be taken care of immediately.  Time is of the essence to avoid further damage or mold. …

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Swartz Contracting’s March Madness Hoopla Contest!

Do you love basketball and the excitement that March Madness brings?  Then you will have fun taking shots at our Hoopla Contest!  A few games…

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The Winter Woes of Basement Floods

In Ohio we never know if we will have rain or snow and it can change from day to day.  Long periods of precipitation can…

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I Have Water Damage! Now What Do I Do?

You’ve had a long day at work and can’t wait to kick back and relax at home sweet home.  You pull into the garage, open…

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