how do pipes freeze and burst water pipe and valve

How do pipes freeze and burst?

With the presence of winter weather, the threat of freezing pipes is on many homeowners’ minds. Pipes burst mainly for one reason: water expands when…

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insurance agent meets with clients

Do Your Policyholders Have the Right Coverage?

As we work with people as they recover from wind storms, tornados, floods and other natural disasters, we continue to be struck by how little…

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Ohio Spared Worst of Storms, But May Not Escape Insurance Rate Hikes

The Dayton Daily News reports that while Ohio has not been hit as hard as other states during the recent outbreaks of catastrophic storms, state…

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A little about us

Swartz Contracting is one of Northwest Ohio’s leading restoration and remodeling companies. Located at 2622 Baty Rd. in Lima, OH, Swartz Contracting specializes in Fire, Wind,…

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I Have Water Damage! Now What Do I Do?

You’ve had a long day at work and can’t wait to kick back and relax at home sweet home.  You pull into the garage, open…

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