how do pipes freeze and burst water pipe and valve

How do pipes freeze and burst?

With the presence of winter weather, the threat of freezing pipes is on many homeowners’ minds. Pipes burst mainly for one reason: water expands when…

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12 days holiday fire safety christmas bells

The 12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety

12 Extension cords If extension cords are overloaded with holiday lights, they can overheat and catch fire. Avoid overloading the cord by reading over the…

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Winter is Here, but Let’s Think Spring!

Winter weather is just now hitting us, but we can’t help but think about spring and the warmer weather it brings!  You may think we…

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Fall Clean-up: Grab a Rake!

Fallen leaves of autumn can create a big task in your yard and garden (and gutters!).  To avoid having a yard covered in wet leaves…

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Show Your Home Some Love In February!

Ah, February… American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to keep the love for your home alive with these maintenance tips to keep it…

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