Wind and Storm

Storm Damage? Wind Loss? Swartz Can Repair It

Wind And Storm Damage RestorationWhen high winds, ice storms, lightning, hail, or tornados arrive, significant damage to your property can happen in the blink of an eye. In the case of storm or wind damage, Swartz Contracting provides emergency roof tarps and board ups for all wind and storm losses. With thousands of projects completed, Swartz Contracting knows how to get your home or your business back to pre-loss condition fast.

Swartz Contracting can repair any damage resulting from a storm or wind loss. After the property has been secured, a Swartz Contracting estimator will assess the damage to your property and provide a detailed written estimate to both you and your insurance representative. Then we will work on getting your home repaired.

As we work towards repairing roofing, siding, windows and more, we will stay in contact with you so you know what’s going on. As a part of our process, we will comprehensively document every detail and step we take to restore your property. You can additionally login to our online project management software and check the status of your project at any time. Want to stay in touch with us everyday? No worries. We will stay in touch at whatever level of frequency you feel most comfortable with.

Once the Swartz Contracting team starts repairs on your property, we stay on the job until completion. We offer weekly project restoration updates on your property in order to ensure all involved parties have the same information regarding the steps are being taken to restore your property and the project completion date.

Our production supervisors also make sure that your project is done with dedication, quality, and timeliness from start to finish. We understand the severity of your situation and how to minimize your time away from your home or business. Let us repair your home so you can get back to your life.

For more information about our water damage restoration services, call 800-462-1024 or 419-331-1024.