Odor Removal

Author: swartzcontracting June 27, 2016

Burnt Boiled Eggs – Celina, Ohio

We received a call from an insurance agent, whose insured had a house that smelled like burnt eggs. The homeowner had boiled eggs and left them on the skillet to remain warm as they went out on errands. When they returned home, they found that the eggs had exploded from the stove top and were on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The homeowner did a great job of cleaning up, but could not get the burnt egg smell out of their home. Swartz was called in to eliminate the smell. Odorox hydroxyl generators were placed on site and within 3-4 days the smell had been eliminated. Couches and clothing had been affected by the burnt egg smell, and would have needed cleaned or replaced but with the powerful Odorox machines Swartz was able to save the homeowner and the insurance company time and money.