2020 Continuing Education Classes

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Tom Ryan Agent CE

Tom Ryan will be your instructor. Click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for our Continuing Education Classes. We will be hosting opportunities in March, June, September and December to attend our CE class. Sign-up today to reserve your spot for March 31st. Lunch will be provided.

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Swartz Continuing Education Classes

Swartz Contracting & Emergency Services, Lima, Tuesday March 31st, 2020

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 March 31st:

9am-12pm “The Umbrella Policy- Covering Major Losses” #11427

This basic seminar will review the umbrella policy and the types of losses it covers. Topics included are: umbrella policy coverage, types of damages covered, and the duties after a loss, understanding basic compensatory damages, and punitive damages, the insurance contract, exclusions and conditions.

1pm-4pm “Insuring Home Sharing Risk” #57595

There are many issues involved with sharing one’s home. With the advent of Airbnb and other organizations determining who to allow to stay in one’s house is important. What is covered and excluded? This seminar will help the agent identify the exposures and insurance needed for Home Sharing risks. It will clarify the key areas of property, liability and other insurance exposures for these risks. Damage to premises, injury to guests, theft of property of either the host or the guest all issues in renting one’s home to others. Because of these issues ISO has developed a number of endorsements to clarify what is and isn’t covered under the policy.

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**Please call Ben Swartz at 419-231-6567 or email ben@swartzcontracting.com with any questions**



CE Venues:

Swartz Contracting & Emergency Services (2622 Baty Rd. Lima, OH 45807)