Wind and Storm

If wind and storms have damaged your commercial building, you need a team who can react quickly to protect from further damage

Weather can be unpredictable. Damage due to high winds and storms can happen in seconds and cause significant wreckage. When the unavoidable happens, Swart Contracting and Emergency Services is here, providing emergency roof tarps and board-ups for wind and storm losses.

We begin by securing the property to ensure no additional loss or damage occurs. Next, our estimator will assess your property and provide a detailed written estimate to both you and your insurance representative.

Once the Swartz Contracting and Emergency Services team starts repairs on your property, we stay on the job until completion. We will give you weekly updates on how your project restoration is coming and ensure all necessary parties have the same information.

Every detail of your restoration will be completed with dedication, quality, and timeliness from start to finish. We understand the severity of your situation and work to minimize the time you have to take away from your business.

A wall is blown down after wind and storm damage
Debris litters the ground after wind and storm damage