Fire and Smoke

Every day your business stays closed because of fire and smoke damage is another day your bottom line gets hit

There are few things as devastating as a fire. Not only do you have the fire which has eaten its way through your commercial building, but the water used to extinguish flames creates its own damage. The wreckage that a fire brings stops your business in its tracks. You need a team of experts who can mitigate the damage caused by flames, water, and smoke, so you can get your business operational again.

The first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical hours of recovery. Swartz Contracting and Emergency Services quickly stabilize the facility and will ensure that we save as much property as possible.

Providing immediate restoration is crucial to maintaining business continuity. Fortunately, our process can restore most mission-critical assets, helping you avoid costly expenditures and long lead times for replacement.

Our fire and smoke restoration services include:

  • Securing the property from further damage – from weather or trespassers
  • Working to get power restored to the property as soon as possible
  • Working with your insurance company to restore your property to pre-loss condition
  • Expert project management staff who will ensure proper evaluation and completion timeline
  • Providing a “No Smoke Odor” guarantee
  • In-house supervision of any reconstruction
Burned beams in a commercial building are some of the problems you may be facing with fire and smoke damage.

Knowing who to call in the case of a fire will help ensure an immediate response and effective loss control. Our technicians can handle every aspect of the restoration process through one point of contact, easing your responsibilities. We keep you updated on the restoration process, with weekly updates from a dedicated project manager.

We know how critical it is to get your business repaired and back to operational status. Our team will work hard to restore your property to pre-loss condition and get you back to normal business.