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The Winter Woes of Basement Floods

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In Ohio we never know if we will have rain or snow and it can change from day to day.  Long periods of precipitation can bring soggy disasters which can result in basement or crawl space flooding.  This flooding can occur when local waterways flood or if the home drainage system fails under increased pressure or insufficient drainage.  When leaky pipes or floods invade your home, the best first step is to shut off the main water line.  If the affected space in your home has water damage the best phone call to make is to Swartz Contracting.  We offer 24-hour emergency response, every day of the year.  As your local water restoration specialists, we’ll handle the clean-up, repair and restoration, and even work with your insurance so you don’t have to!  Check out this video to see just how a typical water restoration project is handled.  We’ve been serving the northwest, west central Ohio area for over 25 years and our number one priority is to restore your dreams and rebuild your confidence!

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