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Property Managers

Property Managers

Swartz Contracting Can Help You Prepare for and Better Respond to Property Loss

You can’t plan for when a disaster will strike, but you have to plan as if one will. When you work with Swartz Contracting, you’ll know who to call and what to do. You’ll reduce tenant inconvenience, help control the amount of loss and get the property back to pre-loss condition faster.

With Swartz Contracting as your go-to restorer, you get

  • Priority response in the event of an area wide disaster.
  • Fast response and fast completion.
  • Protection from future liability.
  • Reduced stress and the chance of a public relations nightmare.

We’ll Be There with You Before, During and After

We’ll work with you on plans and procedures that help control loss if a disaster occurs. We’ll be able to respond faster and more effectively to your specific needs. And afterwards, we’ll walk you through the entire restoration process to explain exactly what was done and why.

Protect Yourself from Liability

Property and facility managers require comprehensive documentation of the restoration process, sometimes long after the loss occurred. We’ll provide you with a permanent record of restoration done to the proper Standard of Care that will protect you and all parties involved.

We Specialize in Commercial Restoration 

We know that the longer it takes to restore the property, the higher the revenue cost and potential for lost tenants/occupants. We have the equipment, experience and expertise to restore commercial properties quickly so you can get your tenants back in pre-loss condition.

Mitigation Focused. Full Service.

We strive to restore water losses without using reconstruction, returning the property back to normal faster. If construction is necessary, though, we can handle the entire job from start to finish.

Transparent Restoration

We work under a transparent business model and provide comprehensive documentation. This makes it easy to understand what steps are being taken to restore the property to pre-loss condition and creates a permanent record that the property restored to the proper Standard of Care when we’vefinished.

Five-Year Warranty

We stand behind all our work, offering one of the best warranties available in the property damage restoration industry. Our warranty on all restoration projects is for five years and covers both materials and workmanship. In addition, for fire damage restoration projects, we include a 100% smoke free guarantee.

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