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 Swartz Contracting Helps You Protect – and Build – Your Business

Discovering water, sewer or mold damage on the job can be a moment of truth between you and your customer. How you respond can be the difference between a happy customer and a lost opportunity. When you recommend a reliable restoration contractor to fix the problem, you’ve provided value that your customer will remember.

With Swartz Contracting, you not only can have a go-to restorer you can depend on, but one that takes every opportunity to make you look good! Swartz Contracting will help you

  • Protect your valuable customer relationships.
  • Create customer “cheerleaders” who will refer business to you.
  • Minimize the “blame game” when things go wrong.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of technician-caused damage.
  • Protect against liability, especially when mold and sewage are involved.
  • Get back to work faster.

Happier Customers Become Cheerleaders

Word-of-mouth referrals are the very best advertising you can get. When you demonstrate to your customers that you really care by helping them solve their whole problem, you create “Cheerleaders”. Cheerleaders act as unpaid salespeople, telling friends and family about their great experience with you.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Even the most experienced plumbers can make mistakes on the job from time to time. Fixing water losses that you’re responsible for can be expensive, but we’ll work with you to minimize that pain.

Reducing Risk and Liability

You need restoration work done correctly to protect your company from downstream liability. Because we comprehensively document every job, you have a record showing the loss was restored to the proper Standard of Care when we’ve finished.

Faster to Completion

We know that every day the job is delayed costs you money. Our mitigation focus as well as the unique, proprietary project management system we have developed over the last 25 years lets us complete restoration projects up to two times faster than other contractors.

Five-Year Warranty

We stand behind all our work, offering one of the best warranties available in the property damage restoration industry. Our warranty on all restoration projects is for five years and covers both materials and workmanship. In addition, for fire damage restoration projects, we include a 100% smoke free guarantee.

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