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Swartz Contracting can help Insurance Agents as no other restoration contractor can.

A Powerful Addition to Your Marketing Efforts

The recent surge in Internet insurance sales shows that consumers don’t value agents like they once did. Many policyholders are willing to “break up” with their agent because they perceive no difference between you and the competition, other than price.

That’s where Swartz Contracting can help you as no other restoration contractor can. Our Agency Support Program is designed to set you apart and

  • Help you increase policyholder retention.
  • Generate word-of-mouth referrals and create “cheerleaders”.
  • Gain a competitive edge against increasing competition.
  • Avoid looking like the “bad guy” when coverage is denied.
  • Help control loss ratios.

How to Gain a Clear Selling Advantage

In today’s highly competitive insurance market, agents are realizing the critical importance of adding value through policyholder service. And that the best and most important time to add value is when policyholders need you the most: when they have a claim! If you’re giving your valuable clients an 800 number and a “good luck” when they suffer a loss, you’re missing out on the best opportunity to build your book of business.

When you become personally involved during a claim, you are offering a value proposition that can’t be met by your competition. This gives policyholders a powerful reason to choose you!

Claim Involvement is Easy

With our Agency Support Program, you can easily be a part of a claims process that offers your policyholders unmatched levels of service – the kind of service policyholders expect, but rarely get.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team

Our Agency Support Program is designed to help you keep the clients you have, stimulate word-of-mouth referrals that get you new clients, and lower loss ratios. We’ll provide you with a powerful differentiation that will give clients and prospects tangible and important reasons to work with you!

We Help You Grow Your Business

At Swartz Contracting, restoring the structure is only part of our job. The other part is helping you improve client retention, while building your referral business and keeping your agency prosperous.


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