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About Us

About Swartz Contracting

Swartz Contracting is the leading restoration and water mitigation company in Lima and west central Ohio.  We specialize in fire, wind, water, storm and vandalism restoration. It is our goal to treat every situation with the utmost care and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. We want to help you rebuild your dreams and restore your confidence.

Our company has enjoyed great success due in part to the many satisfied repeat customers we have been fortunate enough to work with as well as the loyal and dedicated employees that consider customer service to be their number one priority. Each of our employees from office to field staff have the empathy needed to handle any restoration project along with the communication and technical skills needed to effectively meet our customers’ needs.

We are relentlessly focused on achieving top quality customer service through returning customer phone calls in a timely manner, answering questions as soon as they arise during the estimating and job process, making sure the customer is informed during and after the restoration process and performing all work to the proper Standard of Care.

There are three other areas that clearly separate Swartz Contracting from other restoration contractors.

We are a mitigation focused, full service restoration contractor

We are focused on taking the necessary steps to restore your property to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost, thereby conserving policy limits.

We accomplish this by utilizing our specialized training, expertise and equipment to understand what can be safely restored and what should be rebuilt. In a water loss we can safely and expertly restore a wide variety of building materials, including irreplaceable millwork, plaster walls, cabinets, etc. that other contractors simply demolish and replace, often with less satisfying replacements.

And, because we are experts in both water remediation and reconstruction, you get the same outstanding levels of quality and service throughout the entire project.

We operate transparently

Our years of experience have proven that high levels of communication and transparency make for the smoothest jobs and the most satisfied policyholders. That’s why we comprehensively document all details and every step taken to restore your property. You can even login to our online project management software and check the status of your project at any time.

Our project management team will also stay in touch at whatever level of frequency you feel most comfortable with—even daily. We want to be sure that you know exactly what is going on with all phases of your project.

Operating in this way also allows us to provide you with documentation upon completion clearly detailing that the loss was restored to the proper Standard of Care. This preserves the value of your property if and when you decide to sell.

We are faster to completion

Getting you and your family or business back to normal faster after a loss is our primary objective. Our mitigation focus as well as the unique, proprietary project management system we have developed over the last 25 years lets us complete restoration projects up to two times faster than other contractors…without cutting scope and quality. And we are able to deliver this level of service on all types of losses, including major fire damage!

It is our goal to treat every situation with the utmost care and restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Let us help you rebuild your dreams and restore your confidence! Let the professionals at Swartz Contracting work with you on your next restoration needs.